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Learning With Apples Preschool & Child Care

A dual language immersion program located in Menifee, CA.


Mission & Vision

Learning With Apples Preschool & Child Care is dedicated in making the most each class day with the right structure, patience, and set objectives.

The school that feels like home.


Located in the heart of Menifee

​​Following a traditional classroom setting-

each day is structured around

daily learning objectives.


Program Description

Catering to Preschoolers, Transitional Kindergartners (TK) and Kindergartners alike. 

Learning With Apples Preschool & Child Care is an In-Home Facility located in Menifee, CA.

Our curriculum is based around learning objectives that are met by alternating activities;

in an attempt to keep an active mind busy through hands-on projects and play.

With exploration set on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics (STEAM).

All in a classroom experience that is both challenging and nurturing.

Below are some of the achievements*, Learning With Apples Preschool & Child Care, will help students master during the year.

Language & Speech

Focusing on a single language- students will be encouraged to speak and communicate through dialogue and play.

Cognitive & Intellectual Development

Importance is set to practice and use our memory, imagination, critical thinking and reasoning skills daily.

Fine Motor Skills

Students will master our classroom activities starting with Writing, Crafts, Drawing, Toys, and Music & Movement.

Social-Emotional Skills

With the right space; students will be encouraged to maintain positive relationships, self confidence, and self awareness.

Our Commitment

All employees are CPR & First Aid Certified, have been background cleared by United States Federal Agencies, and have been trained for teaching as well as classroom management.

*Curriculum milestones will be based on age/academic standing.

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